In cooperation with the PGA TOUR and Champions Tour, Christina’s Smile Children’s Dental Clinic is a program designed to deliver quality comprehensive charitable dental care to children in need in the communities that host a PGA TOUR and Champions Tour tournament.

The Problem

• Tooth decay (dental caries) is the most common chronic disease of childhood. For example, 5 times more frequent than asthma.
• Tooth decay interferes with routine activities in millions of children living in poverty. The suffering of these children includes chronic toothache, searing pain from dental abscesses, disfigured smiles, dysfunctional speech, and eating difficulties.
• Over 51,000,000 school hours are lost each year to dental related illness. Poor children suffer almost 12 times more restricted activity days than children from higher income families.
• The high cost of health care virtually prohibits impoverished families from receiving quality dentistry.


Christina’s Smile: The Solution

Christina’s Smile, a non profit mobile dental care facility, provides free dental care to children in need. Identified through social and community service organizations, children in each community served receive comprehensive, “most needed” dental treatment at no charge.
The Clinic is housed in a 53 foot trailer equipped with three dental treatment stations, x-ray equipment, and an instrument sterilization area. It travels across the US annually, bringing quality dental care to children in need from inner cities, migrant worker camps, and homeless shelters as well as to children in residential treatment facilities and those from uninsured, working poor families.
The clinic shows dentistry at its best. With the help of volunteer dentists and assistants, each child receives a comprehensive exam and immediately needed dental care.  Many of the children have lived with chronic dental pain or serious dental disease and deterioration for months, even years, before gaining access to the Clinic. The volunteer dentists perform extractions, fillings, root canal treatments, and provide crowns and sealants.
Working through local charitable organizations, children are identified. Approximately 40 children are treated each day of the three day clinic.  Children may also be referred to community organizations for follow up care, and numerous volunteer dentists invite children to their private practices to complete necessary dentistry at no charge. Approximately $85,000 to $95,000 worth of dentistry is delivered during each three day clinic.